Is it Necessary to Seal Natural Stone Tile after Cleaning ?


We use different natural stone like marble, slate, granite etc. for our floorings and countertops.  Natural stone is porous and absorbs all liquid spills.  If we have natural stone in our shower, possibility is that water has seeped into the stone and caused mold and mildew development. Similarly, kitchen countertops and floorings are high wear and tear areas. The natural stone used in the kitchen countertops and flooring easily loses its sheen and develop scratches if not sealed.

We may face some problems if we didn't seal our natural stone after cleaning.

Cleaning the tile with an efficient tile and grout cleaner will not guarantee that mold and stains will not occur again. By not sealing your natural stone tile after cleaning, the stains and mold will develop again. We will have to engage in thorough cleaning after every few days repeatedly.

If our shower is reeking of a dirty smell and even after cleaning it we continue to get a bad smell, then we may have to get shower tile sealing done. Showers are the most humid places at home. The water penetrated inside the natural stone will cause mold and mildew development.

Mold causes respiratory infections, wheezing and cough.  It also develops overnight and covers not only the flooring but also your wall tile.

Kitchen countertops easily get damaged by chopping vegetables and food and beverage spills. Sealing stone will ensure that a protective covering is formed on the surface, thereby preventing it from damage.


The content above is the weakness the nature stone may brought to us, and if we use Foamed Ceramic Wall Panel and related products, the problems above could be avoid easily. To more details, please check our website .


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